PRIME Scoring

The PRIME Scoring system supports organisations in measuring, evaluating and tracking their adherence to the PRIME Principles.

1: Aspire

The organisation has adopted and published (on its website) a written statement of intent, setting out its aspirations for adherence to this Principle and detailing its proposed methods of management and reporting of initiatives to do so.

2: Act

The organisation can provide recent (< 6 months old) examples of how it has taken positive steps to fulfil its statements of intent.

3: Measure

The organisation can demonstrate a sustained approach to compliance (>12 months), with quantifiable and verifiable examples or case studies showing a consistent trend towards increased adherence to this Principle.

4: Manage

The organisation can demonstrate evolution of its statements of intent; commensurate evolution of its initiatives; and continuous implementation and refinement of its behaviours.

5: Champion

The organisation can demonstrate a pervasive culture of adherence to the principle through case studies, statistics and innovation in its approach to, and furtherance of, this Principle.

Official PRIME Scoring

An Official PRIME Score is one that has been moderated by PRIME to ensure a consistent application of the scoring method to that member’s initiatives.

In arriving at a score for each of the six PRIME Principles, the moderation committee will consider the member’s approach to that Principle and whether the member continues to invest and develop its initiatives.

The scoring method is deliberately set up so that an organisation that ‘stands still’ will slowly start to drop its score.  The Official PRIME Score rewards continuous and iterative adherence to all of the Principles until those Principles are enshrined within the culture of the organisation and it is Champion at all of them.