Promoting responsibility and integrity in the maintenance of our environment.

The Prime Principles


PRIME is a movement in support of doing responsible business at every level of society.  We are a social enterprise registered in the UK.

We’ve developed the PRIME Principles and method of PRIME Scoring to help businesses to develop, measure, manage and improve their environmental, sustainability, diversity and inclusion agendas.

1. Being Environmentally Better

A commitment to responsible consumption and waste reduction/recycling.

2. Embracing Sustainable Innovation

Welcoming change and approaching procurement with sustainability first.

3. Spreading the Word

Collaboration beyond your organisation’s borders to promote change.

4. Delivering Impact

Leading by example and continuously striving for improvement.

5. Making a Difference

Empowering a diverse and inclusive workforce and supporting local communities.

6. Being Accountable

Publishing your progress, sharing your successes and asking for help if you need it.


PRIME has been developed by a group of like-minded organisations who believe that doing great business is about more than a balance sheet.

The PRIME Score

We’ve developed a sector-agnostic, universal scoring system to help our members track, evaluate and measure their progress on environmental, sustainability and inclusion matters.

Reflecting that the PRIME Principle of Promoting Change champions continuous development, the PRIME Score system recognises and rewards the embedding of sustainable behaviours over time.



PRIME is sector- and industry-agnostic. 

It has been designed to apply to all types of organisation, from manufacturing to construction, professional services and even other social enterprises.

What is a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a for-profit organisation with a social purpose.  We’ve committed to apply no less than 51% of our annual profits each year to causes that will promote sustainable and responsible business practices.

What is a good PRIME Score?

A PRIME Score is made up of an organisation's score (out of 5) against each of the six PRIME Principles.  The maximum score is 30, but a score of anything higher than 20 represents a significant and sustained approach to all of the PRIME Principles.

How long does my PRIME Score last?

Official PRIME Scores last for 12 months, at which time you may submit your latest self-assessment for moderation, or discontinue use of your Official PRIME Score.

What are your licence terms?

The PRIME Principles and method of PRIME Scoring are both licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Licence.

How do I get a PRIME Score?

An official, moderated, PRIME Score is only available to PRIME Members.  Our moderation committee normalises the PRIME Score so that an official PRIME Score can be seen as a true indication of an organisation's performance.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, our PRIME Principles and method of PRIME Scoring can be used internally for non-commercial purposes (like self-assessment) without cost, but you may not publish your PRIME Score unless it is an Official PRIME Score.

Our commitment to the PRIME Principles reflects our long-standing internal Doing the Right Thing initiative.

We are delighted to be able to share some of our own lessons learned, and to give something back to the super-prime residential construction and marine sectors we serve.

Chris Jones


We are delighted to be able to support many of our clients and the wider sectors we serve through our co-authorship of the PRIME Principles and development of the method of PRIME Scoring.

Darragh O'Sullivan

DOS & Co.

WW recognises the need to look at its own sustainable and environmental practices as part of our phase of growth. We can then use this experience to be able to guide and influence our clients, fellow consultants and contractors to do the same.

The PRIME Principles help us to do that and we are delighted to be able to join and support this initiative.​

Nick Walton

Walton Wagner

We are thrilled to be supporting PRIME and look forward to the power of the collaborative conversation and mindset shift that the PRIME Principles can bring to our industries, whilst helping us also achieve our own Life Worth Living goals.

Simon Tomlinson

Winch Design

As a founder member of PRIME and co-authors of the PRIME Principles, we have welcomed the opportunity to contribute to this ongoing initiative in favour of sustainable and ethical business practices.

Will Bouma

Weldon Flooring

We are excited to join the principal members in the development of the PRIME initiative and look forward to contributing to the development and expansion of the PRIME Principles, working with likeminded companies.

This builds upon our growing company ethos in relation to both our design techniques for Clients and the company’s operation, and how we can apply the core principles of continuous improvement and development of PRIME in everything that we do.

Chris Rowe

Slender Winter Partnership